Grill Club NYC Holds Inaugural Polar Bear Invitational

Brother Tater Wins Gold for Jamaican Tribute to Winter Olympics

Grill Club NYC held its first Polar Bear Invitational on Feb. 27, the club's first foray into winter grilling.

The contest was held just a day after the New York metropolitan area received a record snowfall. More than 20 inches of snow had fallen by Saturday on Central Park -- the fourth largest snowfall in park history. Lucky for Grill Club NYC, then, that this inaugural contest was held in another park, Park Slope, at the home of Sister Smokin' Cherry and Brother Can't-Be-Beat.

It was a hard-fought "Fire and Ice" contest, with Brother Tater besting newcomers the Cowart clan and arch-rival Brother Spark with a dish inspired by the Jamaican bobsled teams of old.

Grill Club NYC will return in the spring with new feats of barbecue prowess. Stay tuned. ...

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