Grill Club Credo


These are the mysteries of Grill Club.

Hot coals are the heart of the grill, and bring the process to life.

Smoke is the blood of the grill, and gives the meat its spirit and flavor.

Meat is the earthly manifestation of the grill, art made flesh.

Without the coals, there is only jerky.

Without the smoke, there is only George Foreman.

Without the meat, there is only a fire hazard.

These are the mysteries of Grill Club.


The Code of the Grill:

I shall lay down no meat, until the coals are blanketed in grey.

When the coals are grey, my meat will be ready.

I shall not lift the lid too often, lest I expose the coals to the coldness-that-kills.

I shall not overcook, because I am no barbarian.

I shall not take up all the space on the grill, because I am an honorable Griller.

Eventually, all coals must go cold.