Grill Club vs Nature: Hurricane puts grill competition on hold

The Grillmasters were sharpening their knives, seasoning their meats, and perfecting their prayers in vain

The Grill Club Challenge, What Would Jesus Grill? has been postponed until further notice. Normally, Grill Club NYC is blessed with the most perfect weather for its grilling competitions. However Mother Nature and the Savior himself had plans for non-stop rain Saturday afternoon. And, after talking to the hosts, Brother Seasoned Beef and Brother Chicken Wing, it was decided that the competition would be postponed until further notice.

"We were totally going to have a wicked Burning-Man-style BBQ pit," says Beef, referring to the 12-foot wooden sculpture in his back yard made entirely of popsicle sticks and used Books of Gideon. "but with the rain we won't get the heat required to melt the brick from the adjacent building."

Some suggested rescheduling for next week Saturday (September 19th), however there was concern about conflicting with the Jewish Holidays. "We were thinking of just postponing until next week," Says Wing, "but we were worried that burning a wooden statue in effigy and the smell of crispy, yet delicious, pork might have been taken as culturally insensitive." Wing did not comment when the competition would resume, but added," probably in a week or to, or until all this wood dries out."

Brother Spark wanted to assure the public that though Grill Club NYC had to cancel, it would hold the competition in the future. He added,"If you've got any questions, please call 347-689-3011 or 917-604-6453, or e-mail us here."