The Burger Challenge

The burger who would be king?
September 15, 2007
Brother Grillioss & Sister Sizzlean - The Mediterranean
Sister Bacon & Brother Crispy - Trilogy
Brother Frozen Dinner & Sister Entree - Homemade Burger

    On the Menu: BURGERS

The Winners of the Gold Medal: Brother Grillioss and Sister Sizzlean

"The Mediterranean"

Lamb burger with harissa yogurt and zebra tomatoes, Provencal potato salad, confit of onion rings.

In Mallorca and Haifa, in Mykonos and Ourzazate, summer is ending. Yachts are docked, discos are empty, Speedos are mothballed. No fancy, showy meals now--now we eat lamb, spiced with everything we've picked up on our journeys round the sea we've called, if only for a summer, home.


Winners of the Silver Medal: Sister Bacon and Brother Crispy


Sirloin-ribeye-pork burgers with homemade aioli and heirloom tomatoes.

First, to the farmer's market: a triumvirate of heirloom tomatoes in three colors.

Then, the eggs for the mayo: Pasture-raised hens lay a trio of hues, constituting the troika of mayonnaise. [Note: Please avoid the mayonnaise if you are pregnant or immune-compromised.]

Then to the butcher. First he's reticent, recommending just sirloin. Pressed, he reveals further bits of butcher lore--the best burgers have three meats--sirloin, ribeye and pork. The Trinity.

With the meat deftly but carefully weighed and neatly ground, Peter the butcher pauses--"These are going to be the best burgers you've ever eaten."


Winners of the Bronze: Brother Frozen Dinner and Sister Entree

"Homemade Burger"

Homemade and home-ground beef burgers infused with blue cheese and served atop homemade buns.

(Essay not available.)


The Judges:

Brother Firefox


Sister Fresa


The Moderator:

Sister Supertaster


and the Host:

Sister Smoky